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Short Sale Chicago Condo

Owner Owed: $385,000
Sale Price: $215,000

The Owner had THREE mortgages on this home and walked away from over $150,000 total. The BANK paid all real estate agency fees and back taxes. FULLY RELEASED from 1st and 2nd loans, over $150,000 of debt. All in all the owner was able to sell this condo at market price and walk away.

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Short Sale Single Family

Owner Owed: $ 279,000
Sale Price: $ 165,500

The seller was unable to afford the mortgage and upside down in this property. We completed this short sale while the owner lived in the home for 10 months mortgage/tax free. The BANK paid all real estate agency fees, attorney fees and back taxes. Owner walked away, PAID ZERO, and left this pile of debt in their past.